How we achieve our AMAZING LATHER!
Like many great ideas, it all started in the kitchen. In 2006 I started making bar soaps for my me and my family. I was tired and disappointed with commercial soaps made by big companies using big chemicals. Sure we got clean, but I was convinced I could do better and if you know better, do better. Right? I wanted a rich, creamy, all-vegetable natural soap that wowed me. I wanted showers to be an extraordinary experience. I didn't just want to get clean, I wanted my soap to be a true pleasure to use. I wanted to get clean, feel great, and have a shower that smelled amazing. I wanted soap made with simple, natural, wholesome ingredients. Ingredients that were both good for me and good for nature. And... I wanted AMAZING LATHER! That was a big ask . . . and I knew I could do better.
Tamarack Soap Works was born. 
All of Tamaracks products are made with simple, natural ingredients.
No chemicals, additives, or fillers. 
Truly amazing soaps! 
We are located just east of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is here that Tamarack trees grow wild and free, drinking clean, clear Canadian water from hundreds of thousands of lakes and streams. Canada has some of the cleanest and purest water in the world so I started from there.
What a great place to start!
I set some pretty high standards for our bar soaps right from day one! I wanted a soap that cleaned my body yet was creamy, bubbly and melted into my skin. I wanted a silky lather. Introducing pure coconut and olive oils did the job. They conditioned my skin and it felt smooth, soft, and definitely younger. Adding just the right amount of castor oil gave our soap the bones to build on. I was onto something. Finding the right combination of the qualities I wanted took a lot of trial and error, and a lot of showers. Let me tell you, product development at Tamarack is a blast!

One of my key objectives was that I wanted our premium bars to smell fantastic. All of our bars are made with the finest renewable 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We source our oils from all over the world to be able to offer the deepest, richest, and most aromatic scents available. Our original Red Cedar bar is still made today using the cold-pressed oils from the reddish heartwood of the Virginian Red Cedar tree. Imagine showering in a cedar sauna. I get that every day! Other oils like peppermint, orange, eucalyptus, and licorice were soon brought into our growing family of wonderful aromas. Showers are incredible!

My premium bars had to work right down to the last little bit and in my book, a little bit has to go a long way. We put over 70 drops of rich and potent therapeutic essential oil in each and every bar. 70! A lot of commercial bars have their scents and hardness concentrated near the surface. That means the smell wears off early and the bars dissolve faster as they get smaller and smaller. Again, not cool. 

Still today, we handcraft our soaps in small batches. We use the finest non-reactive kettles available. We then use only eco-friendly, earth conscious, all-vegetable simple ingredients. No detergents, additives, colors, chemicals, fillers, or even air – Why pay for air? We then do it slowly. Slow and sure. To provide the best value possible, we use our large over-sized proprietary molds. That makes for a BIG BAR. 160 grams! We then hand-cut them nice and thick so you've really got something to hang onto. Our 28 day air dry and curing process ensures a long lasting, stable bar.
From your very first bar through to the ones we made this morning, we are thrilled to be able to share with you, what our customers tell us, is simply the most wonderful shower experience out there.
Buy one today and join my forest of "Bubbleheads."
Change your world with bubbles.
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"simply the best soap I've ever used."


Thank you,

Richard "Bubbles"