Eucalyptus Soap Bar | Intensely Lathering Soap

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Buy 6 soap bars/ Epsom sachets and get 2 FREE "smooth-glide-formulated" peppermint lip balms.  That's a  $10.00 value. Mix them up.

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All of our soaps are made with only 5 ingredients and they are all VEGAN. Every ingredient is known by a child, is 100% pure and 100% natural. Our base oils are coconut, olive, and castor. (Skin loving oils!) We then add over 70 drops of therapeutic grade essential oil to every bar.

Our soaps are our best salespeople. Your shower experience will do all the talking. You'll be surprised and amazed. Try one today.

This is our luscious and creamy signature bar. The bar our company is built on. It is tremendously rich and creamy and delivers the creamy and bubbly lather you expect.

As youngsters, my Dad used to take me and my brother to the health club. We would run and goof around and he would sit in the steam room. This bar is like a time machine for me. 

It has fresh and clean top notes with a strong herbaceous scent. Honey-sweet woody undertones and bright peppermint notes echo together in the background. 

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, Lye salts, Spring water, Eucalyptus essential oil.

Weight:    160g (5-6oz)

Experience today what my customers tell me is "simply the creamiest and best lathering soap ever!"

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