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Peppermint Soap Bar | Intensely Lathering Soap

Peppermint Soap Bar | Intensely Lathering Soap

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The minty sweetness of our peppermint bar makes it one of our most popular soaps. It perks you up and feels refreshing on the skin ! This is our luscious and creamy signature bar, it's what our company is built on. It is tremendously rich, creamy and delivers the best bubbly experience you expect.

It’s a lot of things done the right way, our soaps are made with only five vegan ingredients. Every ingredient is known, is 100% pure and natural. Our base oils are coconut, olive, and castor (Skin Loving Oils). We then add over 70 drops of therapeutic grade essential oil to every bar. The magic comes by combining just the right amount of each ingredient in just the right way; often said but seldom seen in natural soaps and that is why were thrilled and grateful to share our formula. 

Your shower experience will do all the talking, you'll be surprised and amazed so why not try one today "Simply the creamiest and best lathering soap ever!"


Coconut oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, Natural spring water, Lye salts



Canadian Made

Proudly made in Central Alberta

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Never Have Chapped Lips Again

Our amazing lip balm is good-for-you and good-for-nature. They hydrate and moisturize your lips yet are never greasy, waxy, or hard as rocks. We wanted an all-natural product that soothed and nourished but didn’t evaporate away and need reapplying every five minutes!